Registered Post of the Indian post office is a high-quality special courier service that can only be availed by the residents of Indians. There are many similarities between the registered post and speed post and often people get confused between these two types of courier services. There is a slight difference between these two packaging systems which are highlighted here in detail.

When we want to send a parcel to another place, we choose a reliable courier system that delivers the package in time without any damage. In India, there are many courier services, and out of these Indian postal departments is the oldest, reliable, and provides speedy delivery of our package. And moreover, it offers a wide range of packaging services and thus gives the flexibility to the customer to select the right type of courier as per the need.

The two most popular types of courier services are the speed post and registered post. The registered post is highly secure and gives the guarantee of package delivery. This type of post is mainly used when sending any official documents, articles, and popularly used by business and government official purposes.

registered post tracking

Here is how the registered post service works. The customer has to first decide whether the document is highly official or not and thus require registered post or not. After deciding, the customer has to wrap the document in an envelope, and then the envelope has to be weighed on a weighing machine. The clerk in the Indian post office department weighs the document and let the customer know the stumpage price that is required to send to the addressee location.

How to Track Registered Post

The customer then purchases the stamp from the office stamp and sticks on the envelope. Then hands the envelope to the office staff. The clerk then puts the envelope in the specific rack that is designated to the addressee state or city. At the end of the day, all the parcels are segregated by pincodes and send to their respective location. After the parcels reached the specified pincode, then it is the job of postman to dispatch them to the address. The postman goes to the addressee location and tries to deliver it. In case if the person is not available, then the delivery is re-attempted two times. After handing the package over to the person, then the postman takes the signature of the addressee as a delivery proof. The signature is collected only for the registered postal service. This is the major difference between the registered post and the speed post.

The above-mentioned process is same for all types of courier services. However, depending on the type of service, some add on features will be available. For registered posts, the tracking of the parcel is also available whereas for normal posts this is not available. When we book a registered post, the clerk gives us back an ack form that contains the details of the package, sender information, and the addressee location. Apart from this, the acknowledgment receipt contains a tracking number that can be used to know the status of the package.

The tracking of the registered post gives information like the location of the parcel whether the package is delivered or not. Of course, the tracking will not give the live location of the package. However, it reveals information like which path the package has taken. The path here indicates the from which city to which city the package has been sent.

This is the complete information of the registered post. It is the most secure and reliable way to send official documents. It provides a tracking facility of the package and also the customer gets the proof of the package delivery. In case if you want to send highly important document, then choose registered post otherwise select speed post.