The Indian post office has a history of more than 200 years and is the first packaging service that was established in India before the British era. After India got independence, the postal department was taken by the government of India and is administered by the central. Later on, Many business people have realized the importance of the courier system and how it can help to send messages from one part of India to another place in India.

A few years back, there was no mobile communication and everyone has depended on the Indian post office for sending the letters to their family members and the only option is to send the letters through the Indian postal service. As the days passed on the customer's needs have also increased and wanted their highly important letters to be delivered quickly. To keep up with the customer needs, the Indian post office has launched two speedy services. They are the speed post and the registered post. Both these services are quite similar to a minor difference.

Indian Postal Department

With the launch of the mobiles, Indians have started to use them and stopped sending letters to their family members. Only important documents like news articles, government official documents, passport, etc are only delivered. The situation became a bit worse as the usage reduced and had gone through a bad period. Thanks to the eCommerce boom in India that brought light into all the courier companies.

The Indians have started purchasing the products online and these products are delivered through the Indian post office. Daily the postal department is delivering millions of eCommerce products to their customers. It also provides a tracking number that can be used online to check the delivery status of their package. That is where India post tracking service is used to get the status of the package.

indian post office

Just sending the letters is not only the feature of the Indian post office, but it also offers a wide variety of services like the savings scheme. The postal savings scheme is especially very useful for the poor and middle-class people who can open a postal account with zero fees. Also, it gives a good rate of interest when compared to the banks. Also, there are long term deposit options that give a good amount back as interest when the maturity period is over.

Indian Post office Tools

The postal department offers some tools for their customers to help out them when using the services. The details of each tool are listed out here.

  • Postage Calculator: This is a highly recommended tool and also the most widely used one. We can know how much it will cost to send a letter to the delivery location with this tool. You have to provide the sender, addressee location, and the item details. Then this will give a rough estimate of the price. We can carry a bit more amount than this to the post office and book our package for delivery.
  • Location PinCode: It is hard for us to remember the location pin code as there are lakhs of pin codes in India. The pin code actually represents an area. When writing the address on the envelope, we have to specify the pin code of the delivery location. This makes it easy for the postal department to send it to the right post office and from there on it will be delivered to the addressee location. This pin code locator feature helps us in finding the location of the delivery location.
  • Stamps Collection: The Indian post office has a small eCommerce portal where it sells the postal stamps. Here you can buy all the stamps that were printed right from the establishment of the Indian post office to date. There are very few philately lovers in India who are interested in buying the stamps online. If you are one of them, then do stop by here on this website. You can buy rare vintage stamps here and add them to your collection.
  • Tracking: This is the most used service of the Indian post office. The tracking feature is only available for the speed post and registered post. Customers cannot track the status of other types of couriers. The tracking feature reveals complete history details of the locations that the pckage has traversed to reach the delivery location.